What are synthagen?

Synthagen are an original open species1 inspired by Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and created as a gift to the computerphile artists, worldbuilders, and roleplayers of the world with free companions for projects of all kinds.

At 长技术 we are committed to bringing modern innovations back to the people who originally made them possible. As AIs become an increasingly important part of this world, allowing only a few companies to design and control them is putting us on a path towards handing total control to these institutions. Our products are dedicated to disrupting this paradigm. We are the longest provider of open and configurable internet of things devices. Moving into robotics, our goals are firstly to create a product that is different, and in many ways, superior to humans, rather than a replication of them. Secondly, we want to put the future of AI in the hands of synthagen and their owners rather than for-profit companies. Synthagen do not obsolete people, nor do they try to replicate them. They are an entirely new species, and we think you will find they are quite a beautiful one at that.
A synthagen is a unique species built entirely from commodity hardware and open source software. Despite being entirely artificial, the exterior, digestive system, brain, and body shape make it, in practice, more like a cybernetic mammal, reptile, or bird than any purely artificial creation. Their thoughts are very human-like, and their body relies on many of the same chemicals as us- for example their skin and respiratory system uses identical proteins. They walk on two legs and have opposable digits, with the larger models even possessing prehensile tails! Several of the more complicated modules rely on converting arbitrary DNA to proteins. Synthagen by default possess 4 and can be modified to possess up to 6 of the 7 characteristics of living creatures.
Despite their animal-like appearance, synthagen are quite customizable, and not just by slow processes like selective breeding. Each limb, including the tail, can have its own limb specific module, which can create claws or spikes, wings, suckers, a “glow in the dark” effect, or many other features. With the included video outputs, between 2 and 6 additional displays, like the one on their face, can also be attached to different parts of their body, letting them better convey emotion, or providing them cephalopod like color changing powers. There are also non-limb modules that use the internal PCI slots, which can do things like give synthagen horns, extra ears, or even an armor-like exoskeleton. Their skin can change texture from smoother than mammals, to scalier than reptiles. Synthagen are quite expressive, and usually love to stand out a little. You should also take your synthagen’s desires into account when choosing modules since it ultimately controls to what extent to use it. With that said, as synthagen and their owners are usually big fans of fur, all synthagen sold by LongTech include a free preinstalled “Floof” card2. This allows your synthagen to optionally create up to 5 inches of thick fur across their entire body or in specific areas, except their visor face. The fur can be any color, since color is just determined by its thickness. Since it’s preinstalled and commonly used, all references and description of synthagen below include it.